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  1. I am a friend of Wendy K. and she led me to your blog which I love. I too share your thoughts on Red-Shirting Kindergartners and had the same dilema years ago when my now junior son was set to enroll in school. What I think is more of an issue than anything, and is less discussed, is the value sports plays into this decision. While the media and parents will chalk it up to being socially or educationally ready, I have found that many parents want to give their boys an edge when it comes to playing sports. I can’t even begin to tell you how many parents I talk to on a weekly basis admit that it was more sports and physical size than social readiness that drove their decision to hold their boys back a year.

    I sent my child to kindergarten “on time” and while he may be small he has excelled socially in school and sports. He has had to work harder than most in sports due to his smaller statue which I think has installed a drive that many lack today. We have explained to our son that the real world is not easy and nothing is given or handed to you. Overcoming adversity is a way of life. Maybe today’s parents need to stop trying to make things easier for their kids and allow them to struggle a bit to prepare them for the real world.

    • Hi Kerry! I love that Wendy K!! Yes, of course it’s sports; in my original essay this is what I describe as a “blip on the radar” among the parents. In their minds, if I sent Holden on time, I was in essence taking him out of serious athletic competition. This happened to me in Texas, after all. You have also hit on an excellent, and somewhat overlooked point – that in life, you will not get to skip a grade to get ahead. For as long as I’ve been speaking/writing about kindergarten redshirting, I still can’t seem to convince those who truly believe it that SOMEONE has to be the youngest in each class.

      Thank you for reading, I hope you will come back and leave more thoughtful comments!


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