Book Club: Best of “Teach Your Children Well”

I’m still reading Part Two, and need another week. You?

Part Two of Teach Your Children Well, called “The ‘School Years’ Are Not Just About Academics”, is long and hard to break up. In addition, last week’s Book Club attendance was down due to hurricane Sandy and Halloween. So I decided I’m going to re-run last week’s talk again this Tuesday night, November 6, at 8:30 PM CST, for another live chat. It’s a good one, and deserves another shot. We’ll then cover the entire Part Two section, broken into three different parts, next Tuesday. 

Madeline Levine’s Teach Your Children Well is longer than our last book, and contains more information, too. I’m trying to get us finished up by Thanksgiving, so I decided to do all of Part Two next Tuesday night instead. If you are just beginning the book and want to catch up, check out our discussion on the introduction with author and educator Kurt Wootton. See you Tuesday night!

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